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Sialkot Executive Lions Club 305 N2 Pakistan is a community service organization dedicated to assist voluntarily those in need and tackle tough problems like blindness, drug abuse prevention, poverty & blood transfusion. Whenever there's a need, the Lions volunteer organization is there to help.

The motive behind this project was, blood search is always a big problem in a critical situation of an accident, surgery or disease Of course, there will be no one among us who has not been in such situation in past. So with the help of this web site no one have to wander searching for blood in case of emergency and this web site will be useful in saving of human lives. Here at Blood Donors Online, our mission is to serve the humanity. We are deep-seated to serve the people and have made blood searching and donating very easy through this online system.

Remember, Blood has no substitute but whole life depends on it. Lives of thousands people are waiting for blood donation & your blood can save some one's life. Be first in this noble deed & don't leave it to do some one else because your blood is a life for someone.

We would love to say special thanks to all registered Donors who are helping us in continuing our mission successfully and request every visitor of this web site to tell your family members, friends, collogues, business partners about www.blooddonorsonline.com so that maximum numbers of blood donors may register themselves here to serve the humanity.